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17/18 Season review

The 2017-2018 is now over and we are leaving it behind us with mixed feelings. Our young roster marched on during the regular season and we finished 6th in eastern conference with 100 points. It was average season nothing more and nothing less. 

The adventure in the playoffs seemed to end quick as the team went down 1-3 against the Devils. However the Hurricanes would turn it around and win the series 4-3. The playoff success would continue in the second round. We thought it would be a great fight but the opposite was true,  beating the Capitals 4-1. In the conference final the Hurricanes stood against the Rangers. After the first two loses, the victory finally came. But unfortunately only one victory. So we lost the conference finals 4:1. We thought we could get to the SC final but Henrik The King Lundqvist was above our strength. 

Statistics in 17/18:


18/19 Season review

The season was pretty nice. The first place was nice but it wasn't enough for the president's trophy.

The first round of the playoffs was warming up as it can be seen Montreal was destroyed 4:1 on the matches. After a 1 year again meeting from NY Rangers but already in the second round. We thought that we could finally beat them and return them the last year's loss. The opposite became true and we left with a shameful 4:0 defeat.

Statistics in 18/19:


19/20 Season review

And again this year disappointment and dropping out in the second round from strong Washington. The season was long players were tired and in addition to that our best player S.Aho was injured in the second round. What was a noticeable loss to our team.

Statistics in 19/20:



Season ended well we finished third in the Eastern Conference. We missed 5 points in the first place. We got Philadelphia in the first round of the playoffs, I thought it would be an easy opponent but the opposite was true. It was a battle until the seventh game of happy end for the Hurricanes. Another rival was Buffalo Sabres led by star Eichel. The next stop was Toronto unfortunately this team didnt have GM but even so the victory was not easily born in this series. And finally the final where we faced Winnipeg. The decisive match ended 1:0 where A.Kopitar scored the victory goal.


Regular season statistics 20/21:

Playoff statistics 20/21:

Season 2020/2021

Jonathan Quick


The cherry on the cake is the reinforcement to the net. J.Quick will be a nice attraction and his experience should help grow up young rising star A.Nedeljkovic.

Anze Kopitar


There was a long talk about the exchange of J. Staal. Since the 2018/2019 season GM Carolina Hurricanes wanted to trade him. After long talks with LA Kings, the long-awaited trade took place by J. Stal, S. Darling, 1st and 2nd pick (2020) for A.Kopitar, J.Quick and X.Parent. Hurricanes fans celebrate his arrival.

Season 2021/2022

Cory Schneider


An important trade has came true before the 21/22 season Carolina Hurricanes comes with a stellar reinforcement from the New Jersey Devils.

Robin Hanzl


R.Hanzl returns to the crime scene.